Unmanned Aerial Systems

Location: Peak Innovation Center (Satellite)

  • Two Year Program
  • 38 College Credit Hours



Unmanned Aerial Systems incorporates coursework in operations, maintenance, regulations, data collection, and data analytics of remotely piloted aircraft, and prepares students to use the technology across various industry sectors through either an operations or analyst concentration.  Utilizing simulated learning systems, instructors can track students’ flight times and insert scenarios to ensure they are collecting the data appropriately and safely.  Whether it’s a bridge or wind turbine inspection, the simulators allow the program to create the most realistic environment for hands-on learning with the numerous and varied interactive training modules.

Fall Semester 1st Year

Spring Semester 1st year

Fall Semester 2nd year

Spring Semester 2nd year

Intro to Unmanned

Intro to Electronics Technology

Computer Hardware

Fixed wing flight lab

Fundamentals of Electricity

Electrical Circuits and Components

UAS Maintenance

UAS Aerial imaging

Intro to GIS

UAS Pilot Flight Operations

Multi-Rotor Flight Lab

GIS Mapping Fundamentals

(Sample schedule only, student’s schedule may vary)