Nursing Assistant

Location: UAFS Campus

  • One Year Program (Seniors)
  • 16 College Credit Hours
  • Earn CNA Certification
  • Priority enrollment into the Nursing Assistant program is given to seniors. Juniors interested may also apply into CNA, or select a different program (with Health Science or WATC) and switch to CNA their senior year.



CNA offers students the opportunity to learn about a variety of health careers and the related medical terminology. They also gain hands-on experience in a clinical setting and work directly with residents of local long-term care facilities. Upon successful completion of this one-year program, students may fulfill requirements to take the CNA certification exam.

    Fall Semester 1st Year           Spring Semester 1st Year     
Intro to Health Occupations Nurse Assisting
Medical Terminology First Aid
(Sample schedule only, student’s schedule may vary)