Network Engineering Technology

Location: Peak Innovation Center (Satellite)

  • Two-Year Program
  • 37 College Credit Hours
  • Courses may apply toward certificates of proficiency and technical certificates in Networking Technology.




The Network Engineering Technology is designed to prepare students for the skills they will need to enter the workforce as a computer network support specialist progressing to the level of a network and system administrator. Courses of study that will allow high school students to qualify for a technical certificate include introduction to programming and networking, wiring and cabling, electrical circuits and components, fiber optics, cloud based computing, and network security.  Certificates of proficiency will be awarded in networking technology and supporting technology customers.

Fall Semester 1st Year Spring Semester 1st Year Fall Semester 2nd Year Spring Semester 2nd Year
Supporting Applications Intro to Programming Foundations of Networking Configuring Networks
A+ Certification A+ Certification II Technical Support Essentials Network Security
Wiring & Cabling Fiber Optic Technician Microsoft Server Foundations Linux Foundations

(Sample schedule only, student’s schedule may vary)