Electronics Technology/Industrial Maintenance

  • Two Year Program
  • 36 College Credit Hours
  • A+ Certification
  • Courses may apply toward certificates of proficiency, technical certificates and associate or bachelor's degrees


The WATC Electronics Technology/Industrial Maintenance program is designed to prepare students for jobs in the use and maintenance of common electrical and electronic devices and instruments. After successful completion of this two-year program, students will receive a technical certificate in Industrial Electronics & Electrical Maintenance. Students will also earn up to 36 hours of college credit that can apply to an associate or bachelor’s degree at UAFS.

Fall Semester 1st Year Spring Semester 1st Year Fall Semester 2nd Year Spring Semester
2nd Year
     Digital Fundamentals      Industrial Electricity I      Introduction to Robotics     

     Solid State

     Introduction to Electronics Technology           Electrical Circuits & Components           PLC Applications

     Robot Operations & Maintenance     

     Fundamentals of Electricity      Personal Finance      Emerging Technologies

Hydraulics & Pneumatics

-- -- --

Robot Programming

(Sample schedule only, student’s schedule may vary)