Criminal Justice

  • Two Year Program
  • 36 College Credit Hours
  • Courses may apply toward associate or bachelor's degree in Criminal Justice

Program requires college level reading scores.


The criminal justice program will prepare students for entry-level careers in federal law enforcement, state and local police work, probation/parole, and/or corrections work . Students successfully completing both years of the program earn 36 hours of college credit which apply toward the associate of applied science in criminal justice or bachelor of science degree .

Fall Semester
1st Year
Spring Semester
1st Year
Fall Semester
2nd Year
Spring Semester
2nd Year
Introduction to Criminal Justice

Juvenile Delinquency Justice 

     Legal Aspects of Law Enforcement Criminalistics: Forensic Sciences
Police Systems & Practices

     Courts & Criminal Procedures    


First Aid

Composition I

Legal Aspects of Law Enforcement

Introduction to Speech --

Crime Scene Documentation

-- --

(Sample schedule only, student’s schedule may vary)