Computer Integrated Machining

Location: Peak Innovation Center (Satellite)

  • Two-Year Program
  • 31 College Credit Hours
  • Courses may apply toward certificates of proficiency in Machining Technology and CNC Machining.




The Computer Integrated Machining program is designed to prepare students for the skills they will need to enter the machining industry. Working in a modern, fully-equipped machine shop, students in this program gain the knowledge and skills needed to cut, shape, form, and fabricate metal items using machine tools.  This high-precision trade requires development of skills in the use of hand tools, measuring instruments, testing equipment, and basic, automatic, and computer numerically controlled (CNC) machine tools.

Fall Semester 1st Year Spring Semester 1st Year Fall Semester 2nd Year Spring Semester 2nd Year
Machine Tech I Machine Tech II CNC I CNC II
GD&T (Metrology) Metals and Alloys/ Basic Metallurgy Engineering Graphics I Capstone Or Elective

(Sample schedule only, student’s schedule may vary)