In 2016, UAFS launched an initiative to grow the workforce of the future.  Namely, UAFS strives to produce career-ready graduates who possess key skills in a variety of fields.  The Regional Workforce Grant supports us in targeting career-related studies in computer science, technology and robot automation.


What is RWG?

The regional workforce development team is a collaboration of people who have an interest in student achievement, in both academics and eventual careers, the continued growth of our business and industry partners, and the overall stability of the River Valley region.  At UAFS, the RWG program is a cross-campus initiative, which engages academic experts from the College of Applied Science and Technology and the College of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. 

Two partner groups are engaged with UAFS in this endeavor:  educators and industries.  The following regional K12 school districts have joined us as education partners:  Alma, Booneviille, Charleston, Fort Smith, Fort Smith Future, Greenwood, and Van Buren.  Additionally, twenty school districts who are members of the Guy Fenter Educational Services Cooperative at County Line are a part of the consortium.   Our industry partners are numerous and serve as mentors to the students and professional advisors to our faculty.


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