Registration - Wait List

Students on a wait list are responsible for checking their schedule on My.UAFS to see if they have been registered in the course and for dropping courses they no longer want. Tuition and fees for wait-listed courses will not be charged unless you are officially registered in the course.


When registered in a wait-listed course, review your account summary on My.UAFS to see your updated tuition and fee charges. Please note all payment deadlines on the Academic and Registration Calendar. If you are moved into the wait listed course after the payment deadline, all additional charges are due immediately. 

To pay your tuition/fees infull online please visit the cashiers page.

IMPORTANT: Failure to follow these rules may result in being dropped from wait-listed courses:

  • Students may not be registered and on a wait list for the same course.

  • Students may not wait list more than one section of a course.

  • Students may not wait list courses offered at the same time as a course in which they are already registered.

  • Students must meet all pre- or corequisites for a wait-listed course.

  • Students may not wait list a course which will put them beyond their maximum allowed credit hours.

  • Students with registration holds may be dropped from their wait-listed courses.