Frequently Asked Questions

Is Mane Event New Student Orientation Required for All First-Time Entering Freshmen?

Yes!  It is proven that students who attend an orientation are more likely to be successful and complete their program of study.  Your success is important to us!  We take great pride in planning an event that will prepare you to walk in your first class with confidence and provide you with the best possible opportunity for success!


Why Should I Attend Mane Event New Student Orientation?

The transition from high school to college can be challenging whether or not you are a recent high school graduate.  The Mane Event is an opportunity to interact with representatives from the college of your major, current and new students and to prepare to register for your classes.  It is also an opportunity to learn new things about the university that you might not have known!


Do I Have to Pay for My Classes at the Mane Event New Student Orientation?

No, you do not have to pay for your classes on your Mane Event date. Make sure you have your Financial Aid in order and be aware of payment deadlines.  If you have any questions regarding Financial Aid, please call 479-788-7090 or email


Which Mane Event New Student Orientation Date Should I Attend?

When you register for the Mane Event, the dates that you are eligible to attend will show on the drop down menu. You should attend the earliest possible date for the best selection of a class schedule.


Will I Need My Username and Password During Mane Event New Student Orientation?

Yes!  You MUST change your password in the Portalguard Management System prior to your Mane Event. In addition, you MUST bring your username and password with you to the Mane Event in order to log in and register for your classes.


Where Will Mane Event New Student Orientation be held?

Check in will start on the first floor of the Smith-Pendergraft Campus Center. Check in for the overnight Mane Event will start at the Lion’s Den. After a short welcome, students will move to various locations on campus during the day.


Do I Have to Attend All of the Activities During Mane Event New Student Orientation?

Yes, participation in ALL Mane Event activities is expected and required in order for you to register for classes. Designated times of Mane Event activities cannot be adjusted.  With the exception of the overnight Mane Event, students should plan to be on campus until 5:00pm.


How much does Mane Event New Student Orientation cost?

A $30 fee will be attached to your first semester’s bill for the day events.  A $70 fee will be attached to your first semester’s bill for the overnight event. 


Do I Have to Register for Mane Event New Student Orientation Ahead of Time?

Registration for the event is required.  We prepare for your arrival, so it is critical that you register for the event. 


Are Parents Required to Attend?

No, parents are not required to attend.  However, parents are invited and welcome to attend.  We provide parents and guests with a separate full agenda for the day with plenty of time to ask questions.


Can I Bring My Children?

Although it is ok to bring children, it is not generally a good idea. Children will not be allowed to attend the overnight Mane Event. This is an opportunity for you to begin the process of becoming a college student.  You need to focus on what is being said in each session to increase your opportunity for success!


What If I Need to Change the Date of My Mane Event New Student Orientation?

You may cancel a Mane Event date in your My.UAFS and reschedule.  If you have any challenges with this process, please contact the ROAR at 479-788-7400 or email us at to change your date.


What If I Have Decided to Change My Major?

Taking the correct classes for your major is important to your success.  Some majors have introduction classes that should be taken in the first semester.  If you have decided to change your major, please contact the ROAR at 479-788-7400 or email us at  If you do not call ahead, majors can be changed during the check-in process.


When and Where Do I Get My Student ID?

You will have your photo taken the day of your one-on-one advising appointment.


How Long Will Mane Event New Student Orientation Last?

Students attending the day events should plan to be on campus until 5:00 pm.  Students attending the overnight events should plan to be on campus until noon on Friday.


Where Should I Park?

You may park anywhere on campus that is not reserved. Parking passes can be purchased the Parking Office prior to the start of the semester you are attending.


When will I register for my classes? 

Students will have a one-on-one advising appointment with their assigned advisor. Some appointments will occur on the same day as their Mane Event. Other students will have an appointment on a different day. 


When do I schedule a one-on-one appointment with my advisor? 

You may schedule your one-on-one appointment on February 1. Appointments will begin in late April.


What is the UAFS Promise? 

The UAFS Promise is a fixed tuition rate plan for students who stay on track to graduate within the designated timeframe for their declared major. For more information visit the UAFS Promise webpage. 


When do I sign up for the UAFS Promise? 

Students can sign up for the UAFS Promise during their initial advising appointment as part of their Mane Event New Student Orientation at the university. During that meeting, they will be informed of the requirements of the program and sign a commitment for the program.