Political Science


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Department Head: Dr. Steve Kite

Director of Advising, CLASS: Dr. Keith Fudge

Phone: 479-788-7433

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Major and Minor

The Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and Political Science minor combine the skills of the humanities as well as the sciences. They develop an historical and philosophical perspective on politics, builds skills in analysis and synthesis, and hones the ability to communicate clearly and forcibly. A graduate with a political science major may seek employment in a number of endeavors, including national, state, and local government agencies, provide consultation services, attend law school, serve in a range of political staff positions, teach, or offer editorial comment or content through the media. The political science minor can also serve less tangible roles. Political science can help inform students on the major issues of our day. These include the current debates around the state of the national and global economy, the historic elections, the ongoing wars and global conflicts, and our nation’s relationship with the rest of the world. The student will develop a greater appreciation for and understanding of the complexities of the political system, thus becoming a more effective citizen of the local community, the United States, and the world.

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Why should you choose to major/minor in Political Science?

  • Employment opportunities and as a valuable complement to any educational plan because of the broad appeal of their content and applications in everyday life.
  • Serves as a base for other undergraduate disciplines and graduate work, or law school.

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Graduates are employed with:

  • Pocola School District