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Department Head: Dr. Rita Barrett
Advisor:  Kristen Merritt
Phone: 479-788-7564
College Website: College of Communication, Languages, Arts, and Social Sciences
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Degree Plans:

  • Minor - Anthropology
  • Other majors/minors in the College of Communication, Languages, Arts, and Social Sciences


The minor in anthropology is a structured selection of courses by which a student can enrich his or her academic preparation. Anthropology is a holistic discipline that locates the condition of humanity in the past, the present, and cross culturally. This understanding is vital knowledge in preparing students to become productive members of the global village. A minor in anthropology improves marketability of students in a diverse society. The minor complements a major by broadening the student’s academic experience.

Why should you choose to minor in Anthropology?

  • Would like to have a greater understanding of human diversity
  • Enhance the viability of your major

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