About Lions Cash


Lions Cash is the safe, efficient and practical way to pay for the things you need on campus and off!  
As a member of the UAFS community, you may also use your Lions ID Card to access your Lions Cash accounts.  No more late night stops at the ATM or charging up credit cards. Lions Cash is a declining balance account tied to your Lions ID Card.  
With prepaid deposits of money in this voluntary* account, you will enjoy the convenience of being able to make purchases at participating locations without having cash in your pocket!  As a member of the UAFS community, adding money to your Lions Cash account is simple. Lions Cash gives you the freedom and flexibility of buying power at locations on and off-campus.  For a full list of merchants that accept Lions Cash, visit the LionsCash website
Visit the LionsCash Website to make an online deposit to your Lions Cash account.
Money can also be added to your account via Cash, Debit, Credit, Check or Money Order by visiting the UA Fort Smith Cashier's Office located on the second floor of the Smith-Pendergraft Campus Center.
Parents and family can also add money to your Lions Cash account!  All they need to know is your University ID Number as it appears on your Lions ID Card and your university email address.  
Voluntary accounts are optional.  For information regarding Mandatory and Printing Funds see below:

Mandatory funds for Student Meal Plans:

Students who purchase a meal plan will have Declining Balance Dollars deposited onto their Lions ID Card.   These funds may be used at the food service facilities located on campus and with participating off-campus merchants.  Declining Balance Dollars are Non-Refundable and expire July 31 of each year.

Printing funds for Use in Designated UAFS Computer Labs:

Students are REQUIRED to use funds deposited on their Lions ID Card to print at on-campus designated computer labs.  UAFS shall provide a credit to each student of $10 per semester for printing purchases ONLY at on-campus designated computer labs.  If at any time during the semester, a student exceeds the amount provided by UA Fort Smith for printing, they may use Voluntary Funds to print at on-campus designated computer labs.

Printing Fees:

$0.10 per Black & White copy
$0.50 per Color copy (Color printers are available in Baldor 110 and Boreham Library ONLY) 

Printing Locations:

  • Baldor: First and Second Floor Hallway, 201

  • Breedlove: 208

  • Campus Center: 120A, 122 and Second Floor

  • Echols: 112

  • Flanders: 102, 108, 112

  • Math-Science: 211, 212, 236, 308

  • Health Science: 116, 302

  • Library: First and Second Floor

  • Vines: 202

  • Windgate: 110, 306

Poor-quality prints should be reported to each location's designated print station where instructions on how to proceed will be provided.  After 5:00 pm, please report printing problems to the Boreham Library information desk.

LionsCash is accepted at the following locations:


On-Campus Locations:

Lions Bookstore
  • Campus Center 145
  • 479-788-7320
Food Court
  • Campus Center 132
  • 479-788-7311

Off-Campus Locations in Fort Smith:


FAQs about Lions Cash

How do I open a Lions Cash account on my Lions ID Card?
Simply the LionsCash website and enjoy the ease of using your pre-paid Lions Cash account for payment at participating merchants.  
How can I or my family and friends add money to my Lions ID Card using the Lions Cash account?
Once you've opened your Lions Cash account, adding money to your account is easy. You and/or your family and friends can make immediate deposits at the Lions Cash website.
Money can also be added to your account via Cash, Debit, Credit, Check or Money Order by visiting the UA Fort Smith Cashier's Office located on the 2nd floor of the Smith-Pendergraft Campus Center.
Money can be added by mailing a check or money order to:
University of Arkansas of Fort Smith, Cashier's Office c/o Lions Cash, Campus Center 222, Fort Smith, AR 72913. Remember to include the student's University ID Number.
Credit, debit or cash deposits may also be added to your Lions Cash account at the account management center located in the Boreham Library, on the UA Fort Smith campus.
The University accepts Visa, MasterCard, and Discover ONLY.
Can I withdraw money from my Lions Cash account(s)?
Deposits made to Lions ID Card accounts may NOT be used to withdraw cash; there is no cash-back function for the Lions Cash account.  
What happens to money left in my Lions Cash accounts at the end of the year?
Voluntary deposits provided by users shall carry over from semester to semester and year to year. Any of these remaining deposits, will be refunded to the user upon graduation or withdrawal from UA Fort Smith, according to UA Fort Smith policy.  
Exclusions apply to mandatory funds and printing credit provided by University.  
How do I get the money back that is left in my Lions Cash account if I graduate or drop out?
Unused Mandatory Funds and Printing Credit Provided by UA Fort Smith are Non-Refundable.  A cardholder must apply in person with their Lions ID Card for a refund at the end of the semester in which the cardholder graduates, or at any other time during the semester if the cardholder officially separates from The University of Arkansas - Fort Smith. Other restrictions apply. See Terms and Conditions for the Refund of an Account Balance.