System Requirements for Blackboard Learn

Recommended Operating Systems:


·         Windows 7, 8, or 10

·         Mac OS X v10.8. 10.9, 10.10, 10.11

·         Chrome OS


NOTE: Older operating systems should work as well, if they will run any of the supported browsers below.


* Check the system requirements for the operating system and browser(s) on your computer. Requirements will be higher for newer browsers and operating systems.

Minimum hardware for video, sound, Internet connection, etc.


·         Mouse, keyboard, or touch pad

·         Monitor with minimum Super VGA (800 x 600) resolution. Higher resolution recommended

·         Sound Card and Speakers

·         Minimum broadband connection (cable or DSL).

·         CD-ROM readable drive, DVD readable drive, or USB ports and drives


Recommend computer hardware for video and sound


·         A webcam with a built-in microphone

·         A computer/USB microphone, if your webcam does not have a microphone

·         A laptop or mobile device with a camera and microphone




Supported Browsers


UAFS recommends using Chrome or Firefox with Blackboard Learn

UAFS recommends using Chrome with Blackboard Collaborate

  • Apple Safari – 6+ (MacOS only)
  • Google Chrome** –  36+
  • Microsoft Edge** – 20+
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer – 11+ (Windows only)
  • Mozilla Firefox – 31+


* Mobile app versions of the above browsers are not currently supported, though users may have some success with them. Students should use the Blackboard Student app to access their online courses.


**Google Chrome versions 42 and above and Microsoft Edge do not support NPAPI-type plug-ins, including Java and many media browser plug-ins. The multiple-file upload interface and embedded media requiring these plug-ins will not work in these browsers.



Browser Checker


Students can check to see if their Web browser is supported by Blackboard by clicking the link below:


·         Blackboard Browser Checker



Supported Mobile Technology


Students can download the Blackboard Student app for iOS, Android, and Windows mobile devices. The app should be free for UAFS students on each of these platforms.


Other Software:



·         Java 8 is recommended. Java 7 is also supported.




UAFS recommends the following applications for online classes:

·         Microsoft Word

·         Adobe Acrobat Reader

·         Microsoft PowerPoint or PowerPoint Viewer (for Web-enhanced courses)

·         VLC Media Player


Note: If you have an unsupported browser or a dial-up Internet connection, you will have difficulties running Blackboard courses.

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