Presentation Best Practices

  • Dress appropriately for camera (solid dark or neutral colors, avoid bold patterns)
  • Consider in advance how content will appear on CIV
  • Stay in position while on-camera
  • Avoid distracting motions on-camera
  • Maintain eye contact with the camera (and thus your students at other sites)
  • Speak in a strong, clear voice
  • Consider the delay when speaking (approximately 2 seconds)
    • Double your usual wait time after questions and comments
    • Reiterate comments from other sites
  • Know your audience
    • Use a seating chart, roster, or some other means for identifying participants
    • Use participants’ names when addressing or calling on them
    • Open with an informal roll call
  • Acquaint your audience with the technology
    • Establish the CIV class protocol so that students know to:
      • Use strong speaking voices when communicating in CIV class
      • Be courteous to their fellow participants (let others speak; don’t talk or make noise in background)
      • Inform the instructor of technical problems
  • Don’t get hung up on the technology (Glitches do occur.)
    • Focus on the lesson and not the technology itself
    • Have a back-up plan
    • Don’t spend a lot of time apologizing for technical glitches; they happen


  • Test audio-visual elements in advance (Do they work with the system? Are they readable?)


student with advisor