Online Testing and Proctoring Procedures

On- and Off-Campus Testing for Online Courses


Students enrolled in web-enhanced or hybrid courses, will take all the major exams in the classroom. The exams will be proctored by instructors.


Students enrolled in full or synchronous online courses will take major exams in either the Gordon Kelley Academic Success Center in Vines Room 202 or in Examity.  In addition, in some cases, students can make special arrangements to take exams in a proctored environment away from the UAFS campus.


To take major exams away from UAFS, students must complete the Proctor Approval Request Form  (PDF will open in new tab) and submit it to their instructor at the beginning of the semester. After receiving the approval from the instructor, students must take the major tests and exams in a proctored environment. The following are the UAFS guidelines regarding major exams for online courses to be administered away from the campus:

  1. The student, in collaboration with the faculty, is responsible for securing the off-campus examination site.
  2. Examination sites must be approved in advance by the faculty teaching the course with faculty notification to the Dean. Alternate examination procedures must be approved in advance by the Dean.
  3. Approved sites may include other institutions of higher learning, secondary schools, and for-profit examination centers.
  4. Proctors at an approved site must certify that the examination was completed under supervision.
  5. The student is responsible for any costs incurred for testing at an off-campus site.


To download the Proctor Approval Request Form, click the following link:

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