Getting Ready to Take an Online Course

Students who plan to enroll in online courses should have basic computer skills, be able to navigate the Internet, and have working experience with any word processor such as Microsoft Word. The following skills are especially important:

  • Cut, copy, and paste
  • Manipulate image area
  • Manipulate fonts
  • Manipulate text blocks
  • Manage files
  • Save and save as
If students use their personal computers to run Blackboard Learn courses, they should have a reliable Internet connection and need to check one of the following links to make sure their computers meet the minimum requirements.
First-time students enrolling in online courses are required to complete the mandatory online orientation. Faculty members who teach online courses may give a test related to the information in the orientation. If taking more than one Blackboard Learn course during the same semester, you need only take the test once and let your other Blackboard Learn faculty know your test score and in which course you took the test. Some faculty members may require you to retest in their courses.
This orientation teaches students how to use Blackboard Learn assignment, tests, discussion forum, blogs, wikis and the Blackboard Learn mail system.
Click the following links to watch the online course orientation videos: 
If you are a new Blackboard Learn student, you may also need to refer to the Blackboard Learn 9.1 Student Help Pages.  
Blackboard Learn 9.1 Student Orientation Videos


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