Blackboard Training and Certification

UAFS requires faculty to obtain Blackboard training certification prior to teaching online

Blackboard Online Course Development Training

Full Certification training is for faculty members who plan to teach fully online, hybrid, or Web-enhanced courses using Blackboard Learn 9.1 but have never been fully certified to teach using Blackboard at UAFS.  This training will also include new hires and instructors with Web-enhanced only certification who need to teach fully online or hybrid courses.  Full Certification training includes five 2.0 hour sessions, one session per week, with an additional presentation session where participants will present and describe their online courses.

Web-enhanced Only Certification training is for faculty members who plan to teach Web-enhanced courses (including those who need access to SafeAssign for their on-campus classes and those who need resources they previously used in LionsLink). This certification will not allow faculty members to teach full online or hybrid courses. Web-enhanced Only Certification training is available in two formats:

  • Faculty members who prefer full online training can complete the Web-enhanced Only Certification fully online, using Blackboard.
  • Faculty members who prefer face-to-face training can complete the Web-enhanced Only Certification in two 2-hour sessions.
Example of topics covered during certification training are:
  • Online Course Design, Blackboard File Structure, and Home Page Development
  • HTML Files, Folders, and Learning Modules
  • Assessments: Tests, Quizzes or Surveys
  • Assignments, Discussions, Grading Forms, and Course Manager
  • Communication and Content Enhancement Tools
  • Learning Results:Grade Center
  • Monitoring and Managing Student Learning Activities: Tracking, Group Manager, and Selective Release
  • Course Content Import and Export, Troubleshooting, and General Housekeeping

Alternate route to Blackboard Certification

Blackboard training may be waived for those faculty who can demonstrate competency in developing and designing online courses as per UAFS requirements on their own.  Specifically the prospective instructor will develop an online course from scratch and also demonstrate to the Instructional Support staff in using all the teaching tools within the Blackboard Learn system.


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