Are Online Courses Right for Me?

Factors to Consider Before Taking Online Courses

Online courses can be effective for certain types of learners.  While many students do well learning in an online environment, others prefer traditional methods of instruction.  Prior to enrolling in online courses, students should assess their learning skills, preferences, and personal situations carefully.


Some of the reasons students may decide to enroll in online courses are:

  • Personal responsibilities and time constraints
  • Lack of proximity to the University or unavailability of suitable transportation
  • Suitability and preference for online courses

Online courses are not easy; they are rigorous, and a high degree of discipline and commitment is expected.  Students will be held to the same high standards as in a traditional class setting.


Some of the criteria for success in online course are:

  • Students are expected to log into their respective courses and complete all course requirements such as assignments, quizzes, tests, etc. This requires self discipline.
  • Students are expected to show proficiency in spoken and written English.
  • Students must have basic computer skills and be able to troubleshoot minor computer problems.
  • Students must have access to a reliable computer with high speed internet.


Students who are not self-directed learners, or have experienced academic problems, are strongly urged to take traditional classes before enrolling in courses taught online.


Computer Access:  Available at the Boreham Library, the Gordon Kelley Academic Success Center, or at designated computer labs across campus.

A girl on a laptop in a stairwell gathering area