The Center for Student Professional Development (CSPD) at UAFS provides career preparation programs and services which give students a competitive edge in obtaining internships and securing employment. By providing career preparation workshops and networking opportunities, the center helps students develop a professional portfolio of skills and attributes that are sought by area, regional, and national employers.  

To participate in the workshops and sessions hosted by the CSPD and pursue the Distinction in Professional Development Certificate, students must complete a CSPD application and meet the requirements for the Student Professional Development program.


Student Professional Development Program Requirements

Requirements CSPD Program Participant

Business: Accepted into UAFS College of Business and enrolled in or completed MGMT 2863

BAS and BSOL:  Enrolled in BAS or BSOL classes

All other participating majors:  Junior-level status

Major Enrolled in classes in a participating major
GPA Requirement Minimum cumulative GPA of 2.50 at time of program application

Distinction in Professional Development Certificate

The Distinction in Professional Development Certificate consists of professional development workshops and events that program participants are required to attend. Workshops are offered every spring and fall semester and are presented by business leaders and professionals with expertise in the topic covered. There are two levels of certificates, Silver Level and Gold Level, each having specific requirements.

Silver Level

The Silver Level Certificate is awarded to students who successfully fulfill the requirements of the program, which includes participating in the mandatory sessions and events, as well as meeting the academic requirements. There are 12 required sessions and events as shown below. Members must also participate in various events, successfully complete the requirements of the workshops, and meet the academic requirements to receive the certificate. The CSPD calendar is updated every semester with detailed information about the workshops and sessions. The awarding of certifications takes place at CSPD's Awards Banquet at the end of each semester.


Required Workshops/Activities:

  • CSPD Orientation
  • Basic Resume Writing / Cover Letters
  • Interview Skills
  • Create a Career Action Plan / NACA Next
  • Complete a Skills Assessment/ Clifton Strengths
  • Utilize LinkedIn in Your Job Search
  • Networking 101/Creating an Elevator Speech
  • Telephone / Virtual Interview Skills
  • Two (2) Student Option Sessions

Senior-Level Required Workshops:

  • Job Search Workshop
  • Practice Interview
  • Advanced Resume Writing

Other requirements:

  • Have a 2.75 cumulative GPA upon completion of degree
  • Attend at least one (1) Career Fair during senior year.
    • May include major-specific career fairs

  • Attend at least four (4) "Networking Mixer/Information Sessions"
    • Attend at least one (1) per semester in senior year

Gold Level

To achieve the Gold Level Professional Development Certificate students must successfully complete the requirements for the Silver Level Professional Development Certificate


Successfully complete an internship in field of study for academic credit


Participate in two (2) of the following activities:

  • Successfully complete a faculty approved research project
  • Successfully complete a MayMester in an approved environment
  • Present or compete in an organizational regional, state, or national competition
  • Complete 15 hours in an approved campus organization leadership project(s)
  • Complete 15 hours in an approved community service leadership activity


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