Professional Dress

General Guidelines     

When interviewing, networking, attending a career centered event always make sure you dress appropriately and professionally regardless of the job seniority and nature.

  • Select conservative, professional apparel. Do not allow your apparel to divert the interviewer’s attention from what you say and your qualifications.
  • Make sure your hair is clean, neat and looks professional.
  • Remove piercings other than single-ear jewelry for interviews.
  • Cover visible tattoos.
  • Wear clean and pressed clothing.
  • Apparel should fit well and remain in place while sitting and/or walking.
  • Choose professional apparel in accordance with industry standard or specific company policy.

AnchorGuidelines for Women's Interview Attire

  • Wear a conservative (dark blue, brown, black or gray) two-piece business suit.
  • Skirts are traditionally knee-length but those slightly shorter or longer are also acceptable. Generally, no shorter than a dollar bill's width from the knee is acceptable.
  • Avoid transparent, tight-fitting clothing, low necklines, or revealing waistlines.
  • Wear conservative hosiery, especially if you choose to wear a skirt.
  • Do not wear strong perfume.
  • Use natural-looking makeup and conservative nail polish.
  • Carry a purse or briefcase with extra resumes.
  • Wear conservative shoes that match the suit.
  • Accessories should be worn in moderation.

Guidelines for Men's Interview Attire

  • Wear a conservative matching suit in navy, brown, black or gray or wear a navy blazer and gray dress slacks.
  • Wear a light colored dress shirt that coordinates with the jacket and pant.
  • Wear a conservative tie that coordinates with the jacket and pant.
  • Socks should be dark blue, brown, black or gray, and coordinate with the suit.
  • Wear conservative, clean, and polished shoes that coordinate with your suit.
  • Wear a belt that matches your shoes.
  • Wear minimal jewelry.
  • Wear minimal cologne.
  • Bring a portfolio with extra resumes.

Interview Attire

Career Services has a Professional Clothing Closet available for current students who need attire for job interviews, internship interviews, or classroom presentations. Professional attire available includes gently used business suits for men and women, button-down shirts, blouses, ties, and shoes. Access to the Professional Clothing Closet is FREE to all students by appointment only. Please call us at 479-788-7017 or email us at to schedule an appointment.

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