Web Registration Instructions


Check Your Registration Status

Please check your registration status for your day and time to register. Registration status is accesible through My.UAFS using the Registration Menu, from the Student Services & Financial Aid (BSS) link on the Students tab. The Check your Registration Status screen will also show any holds that may affect your registration when you click on the (View Holds) link.  Make sure to resolve any holds that are on your account.


Finding Your CRN(s)

A Course Registration Number (CRN) is a one-to-four digit number used to identify Course Sections and is located in the online Class Schedule. Access the Class Schedule link in your My.UAFS, Students tab. Once there, select Term: from drop down menu (make sure you do NOT select a term that says Non-Credit), then scroll through Subject: to select subject: ex. Mathematics (MATH) and enter Course Number: ex. 1403 and click the Search Class button.  Find the CRN that corresponds to the day and time you want to take the class.  Repeat steps 2—5 until you have all your CRN’s and then follow registration steps


Course Prerequisites/Corequisites

Please check the prerequisites and corequisites of your courses in the current catalog before finalizing your class selection. If you have a question regarding a prerequisite or corequisite, please see your advisor.


Adding and Dropping Courses

Changes to your schedule may be made online until web registration ends at midnight on the day before classes begin for each term.


Sequenced Courses and Lab Sciences

When web registering for sequenced courses (courses with an S in the section number), you must register for all sections of the sequence. Exceptions to the sequence may be possible, but registration must be done with an advisor. If you do not need all of the sections in the course sequence, please check the schedule for non-sequenced sections.

When registering for a lab science course you must have a CRN for BOTH the lecture and the lab in order to register.  If both of the lecture and lab sections are still OPEN, you will be able to web register both sections as long as you enter both CRN's in the boxes provided when registering in My.UAFS.  If both sections are CLOSED, you can enter both CRN's and then choose Wait-List and Submit to put your name on both wait-lists.  HOWEVER, if one or the other is CLOSED and the other is OPEN, you will need to have your advisor input the CRN's which will allow you to wait-list the full part and be registered for the open part. 



Step-By-Step Registration Instructions

  1. Log in to your campus My.UAFS account.--Please make sure that you can log in to My.UAFS prior to registration. (If you need to have your password reset, go to PortalGuard).

  2. Select Student Services and Financial Aid (BSS) at left.

  3. A new window or new tab in your browser will open.  From the menu, select Registration, and then select Register or Add/Drop Classes.

  4. Select a term from the drop down menu, and click the Submit button.

  5. You should now see your on-line registration form. Please make sure the information listed is correct. You may correct your address on-line. You must meet with an advisor to correct your major and visit the Records Office to correct your name. If you indicate that any information is incorrect, you will still be able to web register.

  6. Once you have submitted your information, you will be asked to accept or decline your registration. Once you have accepted, you will be able to register. You may now enter the CRN(s) in the boxes provided, then click on the Submit Changes button to complete your registration.

  7. Once you have submitted your CRN(s), you will return to the Add/Drop Classes Screen. Your classes and registration status are displayed as you scroll down the screen. A status of Web Registered indicates successful registration. A red stop sign indicates a registration error. It is followed by a brief explanation of the error. Examples of errors are prerequisite error, closed classes, wait-listed class, or classes unavailable for web registration. Please see your advisor if you have questions about errors. You CAN add yourself to a wait-list on-line. If you need to wait-list a class, after you enter the CRN and the course comes up with a Closed message, there will be an Action column with a drop down menu.  Use the drop down menu to select Wait-list.  Once highlighted, scroll down and click on Submit Changes.  You will be placed next in line on the wait-list for the course.

  8. View or print a copy of your schedule by returning to the registration menu and selecting Student Detail Schedule. Select term and SUBMIT. Then select print from the tool bar at the top of your browser or from the File menu, and your schedule will print. To view your Tuition and Fees click on Tuition & Fees at bottom of your schedule page. Every time you make a change to your schedule, you must print or view a copy of your schedule to make sure the change occurred. This is especially important if you are trying to withdraw from classes to avoid tuition charges. You will need a copy of this schedule and your student ID in order to purchase textbooks at the Lions Bookstore.

Payments may be made at the Cashier’s office, located on the second floor of the Smith-Pendergraft Campus Center, by phone 479-788-7060 or use online payment to pay by credit card.