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Support of students is one of the highest priorities at UAFS!

The student resources links are designed to help students navigate academic resources and services, provide academic referrals, and promote and provide ways for students to get connected.

As a UAFS student you have the ability to get information anytime you want via the website. It has been designed to provide you with the information you want and need, when you need it!


Student FAQ's

What is an advisor?

Your advisor will...

  • Help you learn about degree requirements, college policies and procedures.
  • Assist you in selecting courses which will satisfy degree requirements, fit your strengths, and contribute to your career and personal goals.
  • Be available throughout the semester to help you solve academic problems when possible and obtain the assistance of others when necessary.
  • Discuss any problems that affect your academic performance.
  • Help you plan for the long term, decide courses in upcoming semesters and plan toward graduation.
  • Help you add or drop courses (during the semester, this must be done in person with valid photo ID).
  • Discuss academic progress.
  • Help you choose or change your major.

Where will I be advised?

Students that are in all college level course work who have declared a bachelor’s degree will be advised by a faculty member in the college of their major.  Students will be advised by a professional advisor in Advising & Career Services if they meet any of the following criteria:

  • If they are required to take Student Success courses
  • If they are pursuing an associate’s degree, to include the AAS, AA, or AGS
  • If they are undecided about their major
  • If they are non-degree seeking
  • If they are transient students (students taking course work during the summer that they intend to transfer back to their university)
  • If they are lifelong learners

How do I determine which advisor I have been assigned to?

You can find out who your assigned advisor is by logging in to My.UAFS and clicking on Student Services and Financial Aid (BSS) on the left.  You will be required to log in to BSS.  Once logged in there - click on the Student Services and Financial Aid tab, then click on Student Records.  Click on the Display Advisor Contact Information to determine your assigned advisor.


How do I meet with my advisor?

You will schedule your appointment with your assigned advisor using EAB.  This will allow you to schedule your appointment online and recieve email reminders prior to your appointment.


When should I meet with my advisor?

All UAFS students are required to meet with their advisor prior to registration each semester. Advising periods are published in the Registration Calendar during the fall and spring semester. During the advising periods, students should contact their advisor for an appointment. Students that are not advised during the published dates must complete an Appeal to be Advised After the Conclusion of the Advising Period form. Forms are available with Advising & Career Services, your college Advising Coordinator or from the Records web page. Appeals are granted only if the student can document the extenuating circumstances that prevented him/her from being advised.

Students should also consider talking with their advisor any time you have a university or academic question that begins with: How do I __, When should I__, Who do I ask about __, What do I do when__ , etc.

How do I change/declare my major?

Once you have researched and feel confident in your choice of a major or new major, you will begin by scheduling an appointment with your current advisor to complete a Change of Major/Declaration Form. Your advisor would refer you to the college of your new major to be assigned a new advisor, if needed.

How do I drop a class or classes?

Before the semester begins:

Students who registered for classes online, may drop their classes until midnight the night before the term starts (for example, if classes for a fall semester start on August 22nd, you could drop classes up until 11:59 pm on August 21st). Any changes made online are immediate.

Students that were manually registered by an advisor or the Records office must see their advisor to have a Change of Schedule form signed and processed.

After the fall, spring or summer terms begin:

All students must see their advisor to have a Change of Schedule form signed and processed, even if the class has not already met.

Students dropping after the second week of classes (11th day of class meetings) will need the instructor(s) for the class(es) you are dropping to sign the form before your advisor signs the form.

If you are receiving financial aid, you will need to check with an advisor in the Financial Aid office, located on 2nd floor of the Smith Pendergraft Campus Center, before dropping any classes. A representative from the financial aid department will be required to sign the Change of Schedule form if you receive aid of any type.


When do I pay for classes?

The payment deadline for classes can be found on the Registration Calendar.
If tuition and fees are not paid or if a payment installment plan is not arranged by the deadline, YOU WILL BE DROPPED FROM YOUR CLASSES. Tuition and fee charges do not include the cost of textbooks, supplies, and course materials.


How do I pay for classes?

Payment instructions can be found here.

For any questions or to make payment by another method, contact the Cashier’s Office at (479) 788-7060.


I am on Probation or Suspension. What does that mean?

There are two kinds of Probation and/ or Suspension; Academic and Financial Aid. The first step is to determine if you are on Academic Probation/Suspension or Financial Aid Probation/Suspension.

You can learn more about Academic Standing (Probation or Suspension) policies here.

For information about Financial Aid Probation/Suspension review the Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy and information on the Financial Aid site.


Will a class I am taking/have taken transfer to UAFS?

Transfer credit will be officially evaluated after a completed application for admission and final official transcripts have been received.  See the Transfer Credit Guide for information about transferring courses.


Will a class I am taking/have taken transfer from UAFS to another institution?

Only the institution you will attend has the authority to say whether classes from UAFS will transfer to their school or how those classes will transfer (as required courses, electives, etc.). Students should contact the Registrar’s office on the transfer campus for additional information about transfer credit.


I received an Academic Early Alert! What should I do?

Contact the instructor who sent the Alert. Your instructor or instructors have sent Alerts out of concern regarding your ability to be successful and/or pass the class. Getting in touch with them immediately will address the reason(s) for the concern and increase your chances of successfully completing the course(s). Furthermore, taking action immediately will prevent the unaddressed Alert(s) from becoming a hold on your account.


Why am I unable to register for classes online?

There can be a variety of situations that might prevent a student from registering online. Students should contact their advisor with questions. A few of the reasons a student cannot register online are outlined below.

Students that are required to take Student Success courses (developmental courses that begin with a 0, and including MATH 1203) cannot register or change their schedule online. Additionally, students on Academic Probation or on Academic Suspension cannot register or change their schedule online. If either applies, the student must meet with their assigned advisor (either in the Advising & Career Services office or in the department of their major) to sign up for or change their schedule.


How do I apply for graduation?

To apply for graduation with a bachelor’s degree, you must contact your assigned faculty advisor or college Advising Coordinator to schedule an appointment. To apply for graduation with an associate’s degree or certificate, you should contact your professional advisor in the Advising & Career Services to schedule an appointment.


When should I apply for graduation?

Students should visit with their assigned advisor each semester to discuss progress toward completion of their declared major. The graduation application deadline is a published date on the UAFS website and is the Academic Catalog. In general, it is best to complete the application in the semester in which you will enroll in your last classes toward the degree.


How do I know if I am taking enough classes for my financial aid?

An advisor in the Financial Aid office can answer that question or direct you to the appropriate source of information. You may contact that office at (479) 788-7090.

If I do not pass a class, will that affect my financial aid?

Only an advisor in the Financial Aid office can help with that question. You may contact that office at (479) 788-7090.