UAFS COVID-19 Registration FAQs

We have created this FAQ list to help answer questions. Should you have additional questions please contact your advisor OR your college advisor listed on the Comprehensive Advising Referral.

Student FAQs

What is an advising hold? 

  • Advising holds normally require students to meet with their advisor prior to registering for  classes. This ensures students enroll in courses required for their degree and helps keep students on track to  graduate on-time.   


How can I contact my advisor to set up an appointment and/or review my course selection? 

  • You can reach out to your advisor through your official UAFS email address or through the Navigate platform. 


How will my advisor get in touch with me? 


Will I be able to change a course after I’ve registered? 

  • Yes. If you find that you need to change, you can register for a different course and section. Course availability may change depending upon demand, so we encourage you to reach out to your advisor as early in the process as possible.  

What does Priority Registration mean? 

  • Priority registration is generally based upon the number of hours a student has successfully completed. For example, students who’ve completed 90+ hours will be able to register a few days earlier than those who’ve only completed 30 hours. This allows those students who are closest to graduation the opportunity to register first.  


How do I know what my priority registration day is? 

  • Students are assigned a “Time Ticket” which details their priority registration day and time.. You can find this by logging into your My.UAFS account, select the Student tab, Select View My Student Services and Financial Aid; once you have logged in, Select Registration then Select Check my Registration Status. Students are encouraged to register on their registration day and time to ensure the best possible course selection.   


How do I know who my advisor is? 

  • You can find your advisor by logging into your My.UAFS account, Select the Student tab; Select View My Student Services and Financial Aid; once you have logged in, Select Student Records; Select Contact My Advisor.  You will find your advisors name and contact information.  You may also view your advisors name in Navigate in the Success Team Box.  You may message your advisor through that platform. 


Who can I contact if I have a registration question? 

Who are the professional advisors housed in each college and how can I contact one of them? 


When can I register for my classes?  

The university, in an effort to ease the registration process for students, has removed advising holds so students may register for summer and fall classes without delay during their scheduled priority registration days. 

Priority registration for fall classes will open on April 2 for special populations followed by registration for students who've: 

  • April 3 – 5: Students who've completed 90+ hours 

  • April 6 – 8: Students who've completed 60+ hours 

  • April 9 -12: Students who've completed 30+ hours 

  • April 13: Students who've completed 1 – 29 hours 

  • April 16: First-time Freshmen with 0 completed hours 

Note: Probation/Suspension, Business Office and Athletic holds will remain in place.  Please contact your advisor to review your registration options or to discuss other holds you may have  


How can I contact my advisor? 

  • You can reach out to your advisor through your official UAFS email address or through the Navigate platform

  • First-time freshmen may reach out to the ROAR first-year advising center at



Faculty FAQs

How should I reach out to my advisees? 

  • Use your official UAFS email account or through Navigate. Students have been advised to monitor their UAFS email account for advisor communication. 


How can I check my list of advisees? 

  • You can quickly locate and communicate with your advisees through Navigate.  


Can we still schedule appointments? 

  • Yes. They simply need to be remote in order to stay in line with social distancing guidelines.  


Is there a preferred method for holding appointments? 

  • We encourage you to utilize the method that will work best for your student and you. Navigate, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Meets, phone or email are all acceptable methods.  


Who can I contact if I have questions about registration? 

  • Contact the advising coordinator(s) in your college or your associate dean.