Frequently Asked Questions

What is UAFS Promise?

The UAFS Promise is a fixed tuition program the university is offering beginning fall 2019 for first-time entering students. Through this program, students will be guaranteed a single tuition rate for a maximum of four years of attendance, provided they remain on track to graduate according to their degree plan and maintain eligibility to enroll at UAFS.


Who is eligible for the UAFS Promise?

Only first-time entering students are eligible to enroll in the UAFS Promise. At this time, current, transfer, and readmitted students are not eligible to participate. 

How do I sign up?

Students can sign up for the UAFS Promise during their initial advising appointment as part of their new student orientation (NSO) at the university. During that meeting, they will be informed of the requirements of the program and sign a commitment for the program.


What does “on track to graduate” mean?

“On track to graduate” means the student is meeting the requirements of the degree plan of their designated bachelor’s or associate degree. Most bachelor’s degrees will require four years of coursework to graduate, and most associate degrees two years, though there are exceptions. Students must remain on track to graduate within the designed time frame for their degree plan based on the their initial start term.


Students’ degree progression will be tracked by their academic advisor, who will remain in regular contact with the student on their progress.

What if I have not decided on a major?

Undeclared majors are eligible to apply for the UAFS Promise.  The undecided student must declare a major prior to the conclusion of their second major (fall, spring) semester of attendance at UAFS.


What if I change my major?

If a student chooses to change his or her major, they are still eligible for UAFS Promise as long as they remain on track to graduate within the designed timeframe of their new degree (i.e. within four years of their cohort term if seeking a bachelor degree).  Students considering a change of major should discuss how the change will impact their UAFS Promise eligibility with their advisor.  Students moving from associates to a completer baccalaureate degree will remain eligible as long as they remain on track for graduation.


How will concurrent credit hours affect my eligibility?

Credit hours earned during high school that apply towards a degree plan do not negatively affect the student's timeline. Concurrent credit should be included in the student's progression towards degree, and the hours earned do not prorate the number of eligible semesters a student has to participate in the UAFS Promise.


Are fees included in the flat tuition rate?

No, fees are not included in the UAFS Promise program and could change each year. 



Will this program affect my scholarship or financial aid?

No. Students receiving scholarships and/or financial aid are eligible for this program, and participation in this program does not affect scholarship or financial aid eligibility.