Tutoring Services

Free Group Tutoring


Receive two free hours of tutoring per week if a group is available.     Tutor with student

  • Groups begin to form the second week of classes and are made up of two to eight students in the same course with the same instructor.
  • You can apply for free group tutoring at any time during the semester; apply early for a better chance of getting into a group at a convenient time for you.
  • Tutoring is a privilege. Students may be dropped after 3 absences.
  • Applications are available in Vines 202 or downloadable version here.



Writing Center Services

The writing center has many resources to help you improve your writing. The most valuable resource is the staff of writing assistants who are here to help you during any stage of your writing.

The writing center offers computers for word processing your work and handouts, books, and audio/video tapes offering information on writing. Internet access is also available for research and checking email.

Our writing assistants are professionals who are willing to help you at all stages of your writing process. When you approach an assistant to talk to him or her about writing, the two of you will have a "conference." This is simply a conversation about your writing. The feedback offered will help you understand how your writing may be perceived and understood by a reader. While we will not take over any of the stages of writing for you, we will talk with you at any stage of your writing process - from brainstorming to drafting and polishing your piece of writing. Our feedback is intended to help you better understand how to improve your writing.

Please check the front desk in Vines 202 or call 479-788-7675 for the hours of the writing center.



Drop-In Math Labs

In addition to group tutoring, the Academic Success Center offers drop-in math labs. Students needing additional help in math, but don't require weekly tutoring sessions, may find this method appealing.

As the name implies, these labs are strictly drop-in. They are open to any UA Fort Smith student. The student may attend all sessions or attend only when help is needed. This is truly a come and go service.

Please check the front desk in Vines 202 or call 479-788-7675 for the drop-in math lab hours.



Steps to Successful Placement



  • Complete a Student Request for Tutoring and a Guided Study Assessment Form.
  • Leave as many open hours as possible.
  • Schedule a tutoring assessment appointment at the front desk in Vines 202 with the guided study staff.
  • Check the placement box in Vines 202 in three days to see if you have been placed in a group.
  • If you do not have a message in the placement box in three days or if you have any questions concerning tutoring, please call 479-788-7679.



Errors That May Slow Down Placement


  • Listing the incorrect course or instructor on the application - be specific.
  • Limiting the number of available hours - place a #1 in the time slot that would be best for you and write open in any hour you could have tutoring.
  • Applying for a tutor late in the semester.
  • Not completing the application - if you need help ask the front desk for assistance.
  • Not checking the placement box in the ASC in three days.



Application to Receive Tutoring

View the Student Request for Tutoring.



I Want to Become a Tutor

The Gordon Kelley Academic Success Center (ASC) is always looking for qualified tutors. The requirements are listed below. If this sounds like a job for you, please contact the Human Resource Department in Fullerton 239 for an application. The Director of the ASC in Vines 208 can answer any questions you may have.


Job Description

Paraprofessional Tutor



The tutor is responsible for providing assistance to students in scheduled study sessions throughout the semester, facilitating group sessions, and modeling study skills required to be successful. This position is governed by the policies of the institution.

Examples of Work:


  1. Attends orientation sessions at the beginning of the semester.
  2. Obtains course requirements and maintains contact with the instructor for content support as needed.
  3. Conducts scheduled study sessions as assigned in a timely and professional manner.
  4. Prepares handouts and submits to the ASC Director for duplication as needed for scheduled tutoring groups.
  5. Requests additional catch-up time (not to exceed 2 hrs./semester per student) for students as necessary, and provides approved extra sessions prior to finals.
  6. Collects attendance data for every session and daily enters the data in the attendance roll notebook.
  7. Attends all scheduled meetings with supervisor, guided study coordinators, instructors, and peers during the semester.
  8. Assists with completing reports on students' progress as requested.
  9. Assists with maintaining the program's efficiency by continually reviewing study techniques for the courses to improve the lab quality.
  10. Works as a team with other tutors and ASC staff members.
  11. Adapts presentation of material to meet the learning styles of the students by using verbal, visual, and written methods.
  12. Performs related responsibilities as required or assigned by the ASC Director.

Working Relationships:

The paraprofessional tutor has regular contact with students, ASC staff, other tutors, and faculty.

Knowledge, Abilities, and Skills:


  • Knowledge of the content area being tutored
  • Ability to work with small groups of students
  • Ability to model study skills that will help students to succeed
  • Ability to present material using verbal, visual, or written method

Minimum Qualifications


  • An academic level of a second-semester freshman is required; associate degree or higher is preferred.
  • A grade of 3.0 or above (on a four-point scale) in the course being tutored is required.
  • Content competency for non-degreed tutors may be required and will be determined by the course instructor.
  • Good interpersonal and communicational skills (to be determined by the supervisor) are required.

Other job related education and/or experience may be substituted for all or part of these basic requirements upon approval of the ASC Assistant Director.