Miller Analogies Test

The Miller Analogies Test (MAT) is a high-level mental ability test requiring the solution of problems stated as analogies.  The test consists of 120 items to be administered in 60 minutes. The 20 extra items are experimental items that will not count towards examinees' scores and are being field-tested for possible use on new test forms. Fluency in the English language, a broad knowledge of literature, philosophy, history, science, mathematics, and fine arts, and the ability to reason out relationships may contribute to performance on the MAT.


Registration Process

est candidates are required to call the University of Arkansas – Fort Smith Gordon Kelley Academic Success Center at 479-788-7675 to schedule an appointment to take the test. This computer-based test is timed for 60 minutes and is administered Monday - Friday by appointment only according to proctor availability.

The test fee is $65.00 and is payable at the UAFS Cashier's Office (479-788-7060) prior to testing. Test candidates are required to arrive 15 – 20 minutes prior to a scheduled test appointment.


Required Identification

Two forms of ID are required.

  • The primary photo ID requirement must be a GOVERNMENT ID (e.g., a current driver’s license, state issued ID, or a passport.
  • The secondary ID requirement includes either a credit card, library card, Social Security card, voter registration card, or a utility bill that contains the test candidate’s name and address.
  • NOTE; The names on your primary and secondary IDs must match and must be your current legal name. If you do not have appropriate ID, you may not test, even if you are recently married or divorced.

You are required to show a passport if you are not testing in your country of citizenship.

Prohibited Materials

On this test, the use of notes, books, calculators (including watch calculators, pagers, cellular phones, cameras, PDAs, other recording devices, or any other electronic devise or reference material is prohibited. You are also not allowed to wear a hat with a bill or a brim without prior permission to do so. If you have a watch with an alarm or chime, it must be turned off during test. (Harcourt Assessment, Inc, copyright 2005).

For scratch work, we provide the scratch paper and pencils for use as you are not permitted to take your own paper and pencil into the test room.

You are not permitted to take anything into the test room.


Study Resources

You can obtain sample tests by buying an MAT preparation guide at your local bookstore or by visiting your public library.

Length of Test

The MAT will take approximately 75 minutes from the time you sit down at the computer. Allow a few additional minutes for us to check your ID and collect your fee. The actual test has a a 60-minute time limit, but it will take you a few minutes to read the preliminary directions on the computer.


Score Reports

You will receive a preliminary score report immediately following your test. Your official score report will be mailed to you and to he institution that you designate in approximately 15 business days after Pearson receives your test. 


UAFS MAT Score Code is 3106

For questions about the MAT email:

For general information call 1-800-622-3231 or 1-210-339-8710.


A "passing" score depends on the requirements of the universities to which you are applying. Please contact the schools to which you are applying to find out what score you need in order to "pass".


The MAT scale is 200 - 600:
500 - 600 is rare
400 - 500 is above average
300 - 400 is average


  • Test preparation materials are available through the MAT website.
  • An online practice test is available for purchase through the MAT website.
  • You may purchase study guides at most bookstores — but note that the ONLY official study guide that is authorized by the company that makes the test is the one available from the company online.


Accommodations for UAFS Students with Documented Disabilities

  1. Accommodations information can be found on the MAT website under “Disability Accommodations”. One should refer to the “Accommodations for Candidates with Disabilities” PDF document (PDF will open in new tab) document for request processing information and the “Documentation Needed to Request Accommodation” PDF document (PDF will open in new tab).
  2. Make an appointment with the UAFS ADA Coordinator. They can help you complete the form, if necessary, and they will write a letter outlining what accommodations are appropriate for you.
  3. Submit the completed Accommodations Request Form PDF document (PDF will open in new tab) and the letter from the ADA Coordinator to the Academic Success Center. A request will then be submitted to Pearson Assessment, which is the company that publishes the Miller Analogy Test.

Academic Success Center