Faculty Services

The Gordon Kelley Academic Success Center administers proctored exams for all full-online/synch classes at UAFS. All test are by appointment only.Students must schedule at least 24 hours in advance.Student can email ASC@uasf.edu or call 479.788.7675.The ASC does not proctor make-up exams, retest, Examity test, or final exams.The ASC does not have the capacity to proctor UAFS course exams remotely.

In-Person Testing

Online Class Intake Form  (PDF will open in a new tab)

  • Instructors must provide a completed Online Class Intake Form including number of students in course, testing window, and amount of time allowed for exam.
  • Testing windows for only one course per day will be allowed to end on any given day if the class is larger (or up to 40 students if courses are small in enrollment). Testing dates may have to be adjusted based on limited seating following social distancing guidelines. Test ending date determinations will be made on a first come first served basis and faculty will be contacted if changes are needed.


For students with testing accommodations, instructors and students may coordinate with ADA Services.


ADA Intake Form  (PDF will open in a new tab)

  • ADA test intake forms are to be directed to Dana Andreassen, Coordinator of Disability Services (ADA@uafs.edu). The ADA office is located in Vines 128. 

Students enrolled in online classes who must take their exams in a location other than the ASC must follow the procedures outlined here.