Academic Early Alert Guide for Students:


What does an academic early alert do for me?
An academic alert provides feedback on your academic progress. Your faculty is concerned about your success in the course and you might need additional help. A potential problem is identified and action steps are included to resolve the issue.


Why did I receive an alert?
Possible reasons for an academic alert include the following: excessive absences or tardiness that might affect your success, missing assignments, poor performance on tests or quizzes, or poor performance in the class. The faculty may also provide recommendations of support services and actions that lead to success.


What should I do about the academic alert?
Respond now! Contact your instructor or advisor to set up an appointment to discuss the concerns. Faculty wants to help you succeed!


If I received an alert, does that mean I am failing and should drop the course?
The alert may not mean that you are failing; however, you should act quickly to resolve the concern. Speak with your advisor or instructor to address the concern.


Is the academic alert on my permanent record?
No, the information does not show on your transcript.


What if I have received an academic alert by mistake?
Contact your instructor to make sure the concern is a mistake.


Where can I go for help with test taking strategies?
The Gordon Kelley Academic Success Center (ASC) provides a range of academic success strategies including test taking and test anxiety strategies. You can schedule a guided study appointment by calling 788-7675. The ASC is located in Vines 202.


What can I do if I need help in my class?
The instructor is the best resource a student has to answer any questions. Other support services include tutoring, drop-in math and writing labs, guided study assistance, advisors, and financial aid.


How do I make an appointment with my advisor?
If you know who your advisor is, you can call 788-7000 and ask to be transferred to that individual. If you do not know who your advisor is, contact the Advising Center 788-7400.


Suggestions when meeting with your instructor.
When meeting with your instructor or advisor about the alert, do not make excuses but focus on resolving the issues. Remember your instructor is the expert on what it takes to succeed in this course.