Reports can be made to University Police (479-788-7140), Residential Life (479-788-7340), Office of the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs (479-788-7310), or any of the Title IX Coordinators or Deputy Coordinators:

—  UAFS Coordinator for Title IX: Dr. Lee Krehbiel, Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs, 479-788-7310

—  Deputy Coordinator (for students): Jennifer Holland, 479-788-7319

—  Deputy Coordinator (for employees and guests): Bev McClendon, 479-788-7839

—  Deputy Coordinator (for athletics): Dr. Dustin Smith, 479-788-7691

We will strive to respond in a manner that maintains or restores a safe and productive learning environment, while looking into the complaint in a prompt, thorough, and impartial fashion.

Please note: UAFS Staff will assist a reporter in making a formal report to police if that assistance is desired. Complainants may also report, to initiate an internal university response, through the UAFS Student Conduct system (479-788-7310) if the complaint is against a student) or to Human Resources (479-788-7083) if the complaint is against an employee, vendor, or guest).

If you want full confidentiality, essentially to talk through what happened but not officially report it, and the issue is not an immediate life emergency, speak with a professional counselor, clergy member, or health care provider (e.g., the University Counseling Center at 479-788-7398 or the Crisis Intervention Center Hotline at 1-800-359-0056). The Title IX Coordinator will assist with this if you wish.