Robot Automation

What is robot technology?  Why should you consider in automation?  Check out the links below!


The UAFS Robot Automation Program offers college-level courses to students.  These courses teach foundational skills in automation. Additionally, the courses support the degree requirements for the bachelor degree in computer science.

  • Technical Certificate (26 hours) in Electronics
  • Associate Degree (60 hours) in Electronics
  • Bachelor’s Degree (120 hours) in Electrical Engineering Technology, Applied Science, or Organizational Leadership

Below is a sample schedule of the course sequence for high school students.


Fall Semester

Spring Semester

     Year 1     

     ELEC1233  Fundamentals of Electricity     

     ELEC1242  Introduction to Electronics Technology and     

ELEC290V(1) Introduction to Robot Automation

Year 2

ELEC1263  Industrial Electricity

ELEC1353  Electrical Circuits  and Components

Year 3


ELEC1863  Digital Fundamentals


ELEC 2513 PLC Applications



Partner schools involved with the Robot Automation program:

  • Booneville High School
  • Charleston High School
  • Greenwood High School
  • Southside High School
  • Van Buren High School

In addition to college curriculum, students are connected with industry partners through the program. Students will have the opportunity to network with professionals currently working in a professional position, talk with a mentor about what their company can offer, explore skills needed in a workforce, and tour places of business in our region. The following companies are industry partners with our programs:

  • ABB/Baldor Electric Company
  • ArcBest
  • Arvest
  • Arkansas Air National Guard 188th Wing
  • Arkansas Army National Guard
  • Hickory Springs Manufacturing
  • Pernod-Ricard
  • Trane Custom Commercial
  • Walmart Technology Services (Corporate)
  • Weldon, William, and Lick, Inc.